State of the Art Technology

We equipped our office with the latest technology available to be able to provide the most up to date diagnosis and treatment. From digital radiography through advanced sterilization technology and laser cavity detection devices to the best available dental materials, our office is geared to provide optimum dental care for our patients.

Sterilization and Infection Control — Instruments used for treatment are cleaned and sterilized using the latest sterilization protocols available. After each use, the instruments undergo three step processes. The initial step is the presoaking in a special solution followed by a thorough washing in an automatic machine. Lastly the instruments are sterilized in a special dental steam sterilizer. The sterilization process is constantly monitored through an outside laboratory to ensure proper sterilization. This protocol gives us the comfort that our patients' safety is insured.

Digital Dental Radiographs — Digital radiography uses up to 90% less exposure then regular film. Since there are no chemicals involved our office is also environmental friendly. The digital image is captured electronically and available immediately for view. The images can be manipulated or enhanced to more accurately diagnose dental disease.

Advances in Dental Materials and Techniques — As always our goal is to prevent dental disease. As such, we emphasize preventive techniques and nutritional counseling. We are proactive and recommend sealants, varnishes and preventive rinses. In those instances where we need to restore, our office uses the latest materials available. We are constantly taking continuing education courses and keeping up with new dental materials available.

Laser Cavity Detection — This technology available in our office allows us to detect a cavity before it can be seen with the naked eye. The device uses a laser beam which penetrates through tiny defects on the tooth not easily seen or felt and gives a reading in the event a cavity started to form. Using this method, we can restore teeth immediately using the most conservative approach.

Total Comfort Pediatric Dentistry — Our office uses the special training a pediatric dentist has to provide the dental services needed. All services are customized for each child. We provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation where needed. We also have a dental anesthesiologist on staff for those cases that require more advanced care.

Video Camera — This device allows both the dentist and the patient to take a tour of the mouth and capture images of existing conditions. The images are saved on the computer, can be viewed on the screen or printed.