Why have orthodontic treatments at the offices of Melville Kids Dentistry? Unlike other “specialized” orthodontic offices, where orthodontics is performed only under the “supervision” of an orthodontist, our office has developed a team approach to orthodontics. Our experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Michelle Kun, is the first to assess the orthodontic needs of your child. If, based on clinical examination, it is determined that some type of malocclusion (misalignment) is either developing or the potential exists, Dr. Kun confers with our staff orthodontist, Dr. Kerisa Harriott for an evaluation. Lastly, since we believe that straightened teeth should remain so into adulthood, in those instances where the existing misalignment may require another type of dentistry in addition to orthodontics, our experienced general practitioner, Dr. Aram Kirkorian, is consulted. Our approach involves not one, but three individual doctors, specializing in different areas of dentistry. We believe that this very unique approach is more conclusive in determining the optimum treatment for the patient.

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